What is Rehearse-a-thon?
We invite students to come to school on Friday night and stay ALL NIGHT after a dedicated rehearsal time.  Every grade is invited, and there are games and activities all night long!

What do the students do?
Students will be expected to rehearse with their class for a designated amount of time, then are given time to participate in activities, such as dodgeball tournament, movie time, video games, board games, etc.   The students usually stay up all night long, but there will be designated sleeping areas (boys and girls separated) for those who wish to sleep.

When is the Rehearse-a-thon?
TENTATIVE DATE:  Saturday February 10.  


Any parent who is interested in being a chaperone, PLEASE contact me ASAP so that we may plan on your help.  We usually split into shifts, so you won’t be here all night!


Please look for permission forms and more information coming soon and as always if you have any questions along the way please feel free to contact me.

Joseph Ayers        434-376-2015 *981

Campbell County Schools