WC Band students will now be allowed to take a playing quiz over the phone by leaving a voicemail on the band Google Voice mailbox.

Here’s how to do it:


  • Call the band’s google voice number
    434 – 299 – 3877
  • Leave your name and let it ring to voicemail
  • SAY YOUR NAME AGAIN at the beginning of the voicemail, and state which quiz you are taking
    (Any voicemails without names will not be counted!)


(“Please leave a message after the tone: BEEP”

THEN SAY YOUR NAME and which quiz you’re taking!)


  • Start playing!  (be prepared BEFORE you start!)
  • When you are done, hang up.
  • Your grade will be recorded in the next day or so.


This is meant to make quizzes take less class time and to make it easier for students to show that they are prepared!

If for some reason you are unable to take a quiz over the phone (no phone line, no instrument at home, etc.), then please make arrangements to quiz before school, during IE time, after school, or work out another arrangement with Mr. Ayers.

Campbell County Schools