6th and 7th Grade Band

Note Identification

6th Grade Band

Information for parents and students about 6th grade beginning band is found on this page.




Handbook 17-18

Parents: please read the above links to fully understand what it means to be in band class.
Please do not purchase an instrument yet!  Mr. Ayers will help make a proper decision about what to play and how to go about getting an instrument.  While ebay and other online sites might look enticing with cheaper prices, you often ‘get what you pay for’!



Class Expectations:
This class is a continuation of 6th grade band.  Students are expected to show up to class on time and prepared, which means practice time at home.

Required Materials:

  • Properly working instrument
  • Pencil
  • Music folder
  • Any music handed out (kept in good condition)
  • Essential Elements 2000, book 2

Handbook 17-18



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